tirsdag 19. juni 2012

Need a phone

After being approached on XDA to help out on bringing CM9 to the HTC Amaze I decided to open a donation pool so I can buy the device to help out. I just helped One V getting a working CM9 without the device, but that's just to slow moving and painful to do again.

So to be able to help I pretty much need the device at hand.
If you read this then you probably are considering donating a sum of money to me so here is a short info about me.

I started out with the HTC Desire after most the experienced devs had left the phone and I've been a part of the "team" that first got it booted and that fixed every little thing since then:) It's starting to become quite usable on the crappy hardware we got.

I started helping out HTC One V on the 16th of June and it was booting within the day and 3 days later we got a pretty fully working phone with all features except gps and bt.

So I feel I have started to understanding some stuff and can help your cause. I also have 2 months summer holiday so I have some spare time:P

Changed donation goal to 200 USD instead of 300.

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